A Slippery Slope

In my morning devotion Jeremiah compared God’s chosen to wild animals who are searching for a mate. They’re unrestrained emotions caused them to rush off looking for power, money, connections with the wrong people and other gods. They were simply trying to find something better in a life where they had the very best. Where they lived became a promised land that they were cursed in because they were distracted by their own lust. Little by little they gave up who they were to be who they were never meant to be.

The idols did not seek them out, the people that God loved sought the idols out, and they ran wildly towards them. Over time, they became so comfortable in their sin that they could not think of living life any other way.

Too often I see this play out. It’s a gradual fade into the life that God had never intended for them. It’s a slow descent to the flesh appeasing lifestyle that leads to a life where God is there, but He’s not first. He’s professed with their mouth, but He’s not Lord of their life.

This is a sinful world that we can easily fade into. It’s easy to say one thing and live another. We can call ourselves Christians and live a life that contradicts that very title. My heart aches for those who once lived for Him with their whole heart but today they are comfortable in a life they stayed so far from.

Let me end by saying this. God is so rich in mercy! His grace is more than enough. He is certainly a God of many chances because He loves us. Today is the perfect day to make the changes needed, to repent and to pick up where you left off!

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