I Am One Of Them

Joel 2:28

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, That I will pour out my spirit upon ALL flesh; And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions:
In this text the prophet Joel was speaking prophetically about the future.  He was declaring that God’s glorious church would experience something bigger and better than it’s ever experienced! He was declaring that AFTERWARD, God would pour out His spirit upon ALL flesh!  The prophet did not declare that this outpouring limited.  He never said it would be just for a certain group of people.  Never did he say that it was reserved for the religious leaders only.  He prophesied that a day is coming that God would pour out is Spirit upon ALL flesh.  That’s every living breathing human being on the face of this earth.
In the Old Testament you will find some really awesome miracles!  Moses led over 1 million people from bondage after experiencing some powerful miraculous events.  Joshua trusted God and said, “sun stand still” and the sun stood still long enough for the army of Joshua to conquer their enemy.  That’s pretty AWESOME right there!  Gideon had 300 men left, but God gave him a miraculous victory.  David killed a giant and became the victor of the day.  Elijah and Elisha were some pretty awesome guys.  They saw incredible miracles such as, a dead son raised to life, empty barrels of meal that never ran out, an ax head that floats, and so many more miracles.  There were miracles throughout the Old Testament that were simply amazing, and the Old Testament prophet Joel declared, “in the last days God is going to pour out His spirit upon flesh”.  He was simply declaring the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!  It’s like my late father Rev. Danny L. White would say, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.
ALL FLESH!!!  That’s us!  I AM ONE OF THEM!  I am one of them that will experience the miracles, signs and wonders that are brought by a demonstration of the Holy Ghost.  I am one of them that will experience the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and the ability to talk in another tongue as God gives the utterance.  I am one of them that will experience the gifts of the Spirit that edify the body of Christ.  I am one of them that has had my sins forgiven and remitted through baptism.  I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!
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