Every Believer Is Important


Notes from my morning devotion: Every Christian has a purpose. Some are called, appointed and anointed for a specific task. Whatever you are called to do, do it with excellence and to the best of your ability. God will always take up the slack and provide what you need to get the job done.

For the Christian who has not received a specific calling or assignment. There’s nothing wrong. Your not any less valuable to God’s kingdom work. At the moment God needs YOU to fulfill the mission that is common to all Christians. To love, obey, serve, and support the work of God’s kingdom. Without the support system there will be no church.

The health of the church today hinges on our availability and willingness to do His will, follow His plan and lead people to Him.

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

From the beginning of time, altars have been built to present an offering to the deity of choice. History teaches us that altars were an important part of a worshippers life. This represented the place where they would commit to the god they would serve.
Adam and Eve taught this to their children Cain and Abel, and the day would come when they would present their own offering unto God. I am just speculating here, but I am sure they all used the same altar to present their offerings unto the Lord. With this said, I can see why Cain would become so furious! He used the same altar, but he experienced a different outcome. Even if Cain wasn’t using the family altar, he still knew how to build an altar, and even with his own altar, he experienced a different outcome. The big question is, WHY?

Genesis 4:3–4  And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord.  And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

This is what I believe. The answer to the WHY is not in the type of offering. The answer to the WHY is not in the amount of offering. The answer to the WHY was never about how long it took to prepare the offering. The answer to the WHY is in this one little word. It’s just one word that makes all the difference. Are you ready for it? FIRST!

Notice that Cain offered the fruit of the ground. It was not the first fruits but just plain ordinary fruit. It was either the second yield of produce or it was the third, but none of that mattered to God because it wasn’t FIRST.
I believe and still believe today that FIRST represents our trust and faithfulness to God. It simply tells Him that we trust Him to give our very best, our first, our all if we had to. FIRST simply says that God gets the very best. That’s what Abel did. He brought God the firstling.
In the story where the widow woman fed Elisha during the drought, we see an incredible story of God’s miraculous blessings. Elisha told this woman to bake him a cake. Most people know this story. She replied, “I only have enough for me and my son. We will eat it and then die”. The prophet said, “Bake me a cake first, and then you go ahead and do what your were planning to do”. She follows the instructions and bakes the cake for the prophet. When she returns to the barrel she finds enough meal to bake 2 more cakes. The next day she peaks in the barrel and finds that there’s enough meal to bake 2 more cakes. This happened everyday because she trusted God enough to put Him FIRST!
The sin in Cain’s heart started as a thought. Isn’t that where every sin comes from? Just one little thought or idea can trigger a process that leads you down the wrong path. Cain thought his sacrifice was good enough. He thought it was better than Abel’s sacrifice. He thought that he should have been blessed. He thought that giving God leftovers was good enough. He thought that if he changed the plan up a bit that no one would recognize. It was just one thought that led Cain down a path of sin and deception.

In Cain’s mind he was bringing to God what he thought was good enough, but at the end of the day, God only wanted him to trust him. He wanted him to put Him first. This simply means that you will bring what He wants and not what you have left over.

Cain’s altar was influenced by carnality which led to completely loosing it and doing what he thought he would have NEVER dreamed of doing!

Cain lived a life that was outside of God’s plan because he chose to do things his way. It’s true that our emotions will be governed by the gods we allow to rule our lives. The gods that you’re not willing to dethrone will rule your life and keep you far from God. When we are far from God, we stand the chance of doing something we thought we would have never done.

We need an altar to sacrifice our self-will and put God at the very top where He belongs!
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