What is Authentic?

Authentic is the weekly gathering of the Crossroads New Life Tabernacle’s Student Ministry. We’re dedicated to providing a place for students (6th -12th grade) to connect with God, with other students, and with older committed leaders that are dedicated to seeing students grow closer to Christ.

Who Can Attend Authentic?

Any students in grades 6–12 may attend Authentic.

What Else Should I Expect?

Authentic Student Ministry is always doing some really cool stuff!  Every month Authentic has something planned for students to get involved.

Who Leads Authentic?

Pastor Charles and Alisha Viviano  are rocking leaders and great examples of what followers of Christ should be.  They are dedicated to loving students and encouraging them to do all they can for Christ.
The 2nd Annual Authentic Benefit Rodeo is Saturday, April 28th at 2:00 p.m.  The proceeds will benefit the new youth sanctuary project.  For more information contact Student Pastor Charles and Alisha Viviano.
Charles:  (318) 206-8141
Alisha:  (318) 451-9989